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Trading With Bart (TWB) is a learning platform specialised in teaching forex trading. We're a movement, teaching people what wasn't taught in school that provides long-term happiness and success. Our priority is to share valuable knowledge at a fraction of the price of universities or other greedy businesses.
We offer valuable knowledge provided from the course that will set you off on your already successful entrepreneurial journey. We help clients gain investment knowledge that will help them maximise their profits in both the long and short term.
We strongly believe that the best way for a new trader to learn how to analyse charts is by watching other peoples analysis, that is why we have a Discord server, with many channels dedicated to sharing analysis, lessons and much more.
There's so much to learn to financial freedom, what a great place to start, click the button below and lets get started!

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Additional Features
You will also attain lifetime access to the TWB Discord Server where we post signals, weekly-updated analysis,
and much more.
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Access the course on your commute, in a cafe, or after work. You can easily fit learning the course around your life as it suits you.

8 Key Topics


The Full Forex Course is available online, with 8 units containing image/video lessons accompanied by detailed written notes and quizzes


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